My mentoring package allows us to sit down one-on-one (either in person here in San Francisco or via zoom) so that I can support you to grow and evolve as a photographer, artist, family documentarian, or small business owner.

I offer mentoring on a variety of topics including: client communication + workflow, sustainable pricing, editing, maximizing your camera in manual mode, creative composition and techniques, capturing connections, session flow + prompts, camera settings, attracting your ideal client and more!

I am an open book so what we cover depends on what areas you'd like to deepen in your photography work. I would love the opportunity to help you EVOLVE into the artist, photographer, and business owner of your dreams!

Are you a photographer wanting to take the leap to launch or up-level your business?

Are you looking to create emotive and meaningful ART from your client sessions?

Are you a Mom who wants to learn how to use that big-girl camera? 

Do you long to beautifully document your family's everyday life?

My EVOLVE Mentoring Package includes:
- a 15 minute discovery call to map out our learning program
- 5 hours of 1-on-1 mentoring

Additionally, I offer the add-on option to shadow me at a session so you can see me while I work, hear how I interact with clients, and take portfolio-building images. In addition to the live session, we have a 20 minute preview and post call so you can ask questions before and after. +500



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