Additionally, I offer the opportunity to add-on a "shadow-me session" so you can see me while I work, hear how I interact with real clients, and take portfolio-building images. In addition to the live shadow me session, we have a 20 minute preview and post call so you can ask questions before and after.

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The EVOLVE Custom Mentoring Package includes:

 - a 15 minute discovery call to map out our learning program
- 5 hours of 1-on-1 mentoring either in-person or via zoom

Evolve Mentor Program Investment

If you answered "yes!", then my EVOLVE mentoring program can support you!

Do you want to learn how to build a business in alignment with your creative vision + connect with your ideal clients?

Are you looking to create emotive and meaningful ART from your client sessions?

Are you a photographer wanting to take your passion and build it into a profitable + Sustainable photography Business?

My mentoring package allows us to sit down one-on-one (either in person here in San Francisco or via zoom) so that I can support you to grow and evolve as a photographer, artist, family documentarian, or small business owner.

I am an open book so what we cover depends on what areas you'd like to deepen in your photography work. I would love the opportunity to help you EVOLVE into the artist, photographer, and business owner of your dreams!

Evolve as a photographer, artist, family documentarian, or small business owner with 1:1 Mentorship

Photography Mentoring

I love working one-on-one (either in person in San Francisco or via zoom) to help you grow and evolve as a photographer, artist, family documentarian, and/or small business owner.

Example topics covered in my EVOLVE mentor program:


Attracting Your Ideal Clients


Client Communication & Workflow


Sustainable Pricing Strategies


Editing Techniques


Maximizing Your Camera in Manual Mode


Creative Composition and Techniques


Location Selection and Use


Capturing Genuine Connections


Session Flow and Prompts


Camera Settings Mastery


EVOLVE into the artist, photographer, and business owner of your dreams!

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Not only is she an incredible photographer and mentor, but a genuinely rad human who cares about the big picture in life. 

Learning from Ashley has propelled my business so much farther than I imagined in a short period of time. I will definitely continue to work with her in the future and highly recommend Ashley! You won’t regret it.”

-Skyler MAire Photography 

"Working with Ashley was undoubtedly the best investment I made for my business." 

Evolve Mentoring Program Love Notes

Ashley pushed me to create some goals, but also allowed for plenty of space to find creative direction. And that space was filled with incredible discussions about what it means to be a family, how to capture that in an artistic way, and the client relation nuances that help foster a really meaningful final product. 

Every hour felt full of value, but we were never rushed. Ashley has incredible technical skills behind the camera, but more importantly she is a deeply caring person and a great teacher.

- David, The Enloe Creative.

“This mentorship is completely, totally, unquestionably worthwhile"

Ashley is not only an insanely talented photographer, but she’s also an equally amazing educator. She has a deep knowledge of essential photography skills, including using light, design and composition, and creative techniques. 

Ashley’s combination of talent, experience, and teaching abilities makes her an exceptional photography educator.

- Laura Jaeger Photography

"She’s a natural teacher with a positive, proactive attitude who fosters thoughtful dialogue and a fun and supportive space to experiment, reflect, and truly learn"

Mentorship Frequently Asked Questions

My EVOLVE mentorship supports artists, creatives and business owners are every step of their photography journey.  Just learning manual mode on your camera?  I got you!  Wanting to take your part time business and start building toward a 6 figure sustainable income?  I got you!  Needed to figure out how to get those dream clients into your inbox and becoming your biggest fans?  I got you!

I know how hard it can be when building a new business. I am happy to offer a payment plan as needed. Book your FREE discovery call and we can design a payment plan that works for you and your unique needs.